Club House Dining

Mabali Island is a beautiful place located in Khanpur Lake. It is known for its stunning scenery and its lovely club house. The club house has an indoor dining area that offers a great view of the lake. It is also known for its excellent food and service. The menu offers a variety of dishes, including Pakistani and Continental options. The atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable, and the service is attentive and friendly. The cost of the meal is very reasonable, and the experience is definitely worth it.

The Club House Dining Experience

The Club House Dining Experience is one of the best Khanpur has to offer. The food is exquisite, and the service is impeccable. The atmosphere is perfect for a romantic evening or a night out with your partner. The menu is extensive and offers something for everyone. The service is attentive and the staff is very knowledgeable about the menu and wine list. The cost is very reasonable, and the experience is worth every penny.

The Menu

The menu at the Club House Dining Experience is extremely diverse, offering something for everyone. There are starters, main courses, and desserts all available, and the prices are very reasonable. The starters include items such as soup, salad, and breadsticks. The main courses include both meat and vegetarian options, and there is also a kids menu available. The desserts include a variety of cakes, pies, and ice cream.

The Club House Dining Experience also offers a wide selection of beverages. The Juice Bar list is very impressive, options include all kind of juices, coffee, and tea.

The Atmosphere

The atmosphere at the Club House Dining Experience is one of elegance and sophistication. The setting is intimate and inviting, with wooden ceiling and walls adorned with beautiful artwork. The tables are set with wooden touch. The overall effect is one of refinement and luxury.

The staff at the Club House Dining Experience are attentive and professional. They are always available to answer any questions you may have about the menu or the wine list. The service is impeccable, and the food is served promptly and efficiently.

The Club House Dining Experience is the perfect place to enjoy a special evening out with family or friends. The atmosphere is refined and luxurious, and the food is absolutely delicious. We highly recommend this restaurant for anyone looking for an unforgettable dining experience.

The Service

The service at the Club House Dining Experience is impeccable. The staff is attentive and always available to answer any questions you may have. They are also very efficient in getting your food and drinks to you in a timely manner. The service is definitely one of the highlights of this dining experience.

The Cost

The cost of the Club House dining experience will vary depending on what you order from the menu. However, the average cost for a meal for two people is approximately Rs.3500. This includes an 2pcs Seekh Kebab, 4pcs Malai Boti, 4pcs Kasturi Boti & 2pcs Mini Chapli Kebab served with Rice and Tandoori, Roti along with a Brownie for dessert.

Overall, the club house dining experience at Mabali Island is one that should not be missed. The food is fantastic, the atmosphere is perfect, and the service is top-notch.

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